Tank Recertification Process

Tank 1

Old Tank

Old LPG Propane tanks need to be re-certified every 10 years by a qualified company or agency, per Transport Canada regulations. At minimum, these tanks are often rusty and require resurfacing. We can handle most tanks and sizes, from small to large.

Tank 2

Sand Blasting

At Lavery, we sandblast these old tanks in-house to remove old paint and rust. This leaves the tank stripped down to bare, clean metal.

Tank 3

Powder Coating

After it's been sandblasted and prepped, we powder coat the tank using high quality powder coating that easily lasts 10 years under normal conditions.

Tank 4

Final Inspection

When the refurbishing is complete, we replace all valves and inspect the tank. Our staff is fully trained by Propane Training Institution, a division of the Propane Gas Association of Canada, for the safe inspection, re-qualification and remarking of refillable propane steel cylinders. A re-certified tank meets the CAN/CSA-B149.2 Propane Storage & Handling Code as per Transport Canada.